About Candice Koch

Location: Colorado Springs CO, US

My Story:

♥ Happiness is Key! Once believing in yourself is accomplished, you are on the road to true understanding of life's possibilities. -Candice Koch Dr. Candice Koch BS, DC, FIAMA has a passion to allow others to make an informed choice about their health. Dr. Candice specializes in wellness care. She primarily works with individuals in pain do to a variety of reasons. She enjoys working with pregnant women and children. She uses the latest technology when it comes to chiropractic techniques and instruments. She uses many different instruments to make your adjustment relaxing and renewing. Dr. Candice knows 13 different chiropractic techniques and spends time with her patients to understand the issue to address your specific needs. Dr. Candice addresses many nutritional needs with wholefood supplementation. Patients have been assisted with diabetic conditions, nausea, infertility, miscarriages, thyroid issues, hormone issues, depression, over weight, fatigue, pain, blood pressure, cholesterol, anxiety and many more health related issues. Dr. Candice received her Acupuncture portion of her licensure. She uses this to help people stabilize chi also known as the energy that God has already given us. This allows the body to heal itself quicker. She finds with Chiropractic and Acupuncture together, pain can be reduced 60% faster. It also has helped IVF treatments be more successful, depression stabilize, and TMJ pain disappear.