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LifeWave patches are now ENDORSED by all of the professional athletes featured below!

These athletes have discovered the same thing as so many others that LifeWave patches make a dramatic difference not only in athletic performance, but in your everyday life as well.

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  • Black Slamers



Our newest LifeWave endorser is Valentina Remold from Italy. Valentina is a Champion rider and has won a host of championships over the last few years, including many international championships. We’re delighted to welcome Valentina into the LifeWave family.

A Note from Valentina’s Mother:

"My name is Claudia Remold and I’m passionate with horses. I am Valentina Remold’s mother, young horse ballet rider. How did I encounter LifeWave?

My veterinary suggested that I tried the Lifewave/AcuLife patches, which let me meet with Rocco Pelle and his partners Carlo Landi and Jean Paul Parodi. They help us use the best possible and now we use them very often both for Valentina and for the horses."

Claudia Remold

Career Summary:

Born 1988, started horse riding as early as 4 years old, together with her mother. With her first pony "Pirate", she approached dressage, as she won the "Ponies under 13 Italian Championship" in 2010, trained by Vanessa Ferluga.

In 2011, she started participating in the European Championship with the technical support of Laura Conz together with the Dutch technician coach Nicolette Van Leeuwen. This was the start of her international career. Selected as Italian representative in 6 consecutive European championships (including 4 as pony rider – 7th in 2014 at Millstreet) and 2 as Junior (12th in 2015 in Vidauban and in 2016 in Oliva Nova).

Her curriculum as a junior in 2015 and 2016 counts a good 14 International wins.

  • → 2014: Italian Champion on her pony Prince of Glory with 2 Gold individual riding and one Gold medal in freestyle.
  • → 2015: Italian Champion Junior with 2 Gold medals (individual, freestyle and technic) and one Team Gold.
  • → 2016: Italian Champion with 2 Gold medals (individual technic and freestyle) on her horse Broadway.
  • → 2017: Vice champion of Italy “young riders” on Double Cool Darius NJ, and Gold medal in Freestyle.
  • → 2018: Wins at CDI Ornago on Broadway in the category “young riders” (Individual, team and freestyle)



With LifeWave patches, I can complete my races without being in agony! It’s GREAT! I use Y-Age Aeon for all the stress leading up to the race, which gives me calm and quite when I get to the starting line. Y-Age Carnosine improves my recovery – I wear it at night with Y-Age Glutathione, days after races to continue achieving optimal recovery of my body. In general, I manage to get a good night's sleep before races with Silent Nights.

This program suited me perfectly in in 2013, as it helped me win my races and get ranked in the top three. I started in Veteran 2 and also turn 50 in 2014. I plan to participate in the GRAND RAID Réunion Island, to celebrate winning my first Veteran 2 trophy in February during the Trail des Anglais.

I always take pleasure in challenging myself to cross the finish line wearing LifeWave patches. I also advise people to wear them and know they will see a difference. Thanks to LifeWave for giving me so much confidence!

Career Summary:

  • → Professional mountain racer for 20 years
  • → Member of the SALOMON Teamv
  • → 7 Grand Raid, ranked in top five: 2010, 2011, 2012
  • → 2011 Mont-Blanc Ultra-Trail: 2nd in veterans ranking, 10th in women’s ranking
  • → 2011 Cross of Piton des Neiges: 1st in women’s ranking
  • → 2011 Réunion d’ Aventures: 1st in mixed team ranking
  • → Royal Raid of Mauritius: 1st in women’s ranking, 2008, 2010
  • → 2006 Semi Raid: 1st in women’s ranking
  • → 2001 Marathon of Sands: 6th in women’s ranking
  • → 1980 – 1990 Réunion Mountain Running Champion



After a small test with the Energy Enhancer patches on the LUNG 1 spot, I felt really good and had a lot of extra energy.

The LifeWave patch philosophy goes well with my way of training and living. Energy is an important part of this, especially on the sports side of my life.

I'm always looking for excellence, and I'm convinced that the body and mind have no limits. With natural help and stimulation of energy levels, we can get better results for keeping a healthy body and clear mind.

I'm really thrilled and exited to make LifeWave products a strong part of my training and personal life. Thanks for the opportunity!


  • → Slalom
  • → Giant Slolam
  • → Super Giant Slolam
  • → Super Combined Downhill
  • → Downhill

Career Summary:

  • → Participation in 4 Winter Olympics
  • → Participation in 9 World Championships
  • → Current South American and Argentinean Champion
  • → A records 96 victories in FIS (International ski federation) competitions



“My name is Dannin Eccles and I am a professional snowboarder. I have been using LifeWave patches every day now and they work amazingly! I had an injury that I had done two months before to my ankle and I was trying everything so I could get back on snow then my mom (who is a medical doctor) told me to try using the IceWave patches and at first I was sceptical but the second my mom put the patches on me I instantly felt a huge difference and after a week my ankle was nearly back to normal. I think LifeWave is 100 times more effective than any other treatment I have experienced.”



Eliran Atar is a young, talented football player who was one of the best three scorers in the season 2008/2009 in the Israeli football Championship. Also in the qualification games for the Europa League 2009/2010, during the games in July, he scored 4 goals in 6 games.

After this success he was invited to play for the national team. Eliran Atar is using the patches from the beginning of my work in FC "Bnei Yehuda", it means from the season 2008/2009 and the results are amazing for him.

His subjective feeling is that he has more energy and concentration during every game. After he scored one of the most beautiful goal in the history of the Israeli Football he took out his T-shirt and everyone saw how he had patches on his body. At that time I put two patches against pain, one in the ankle and on the sternum, also he had energy patches on both wrists.



CV: Shlomo Yashinovsky, born on November 30th 1959 in Tel Aviv, Israel.

I have been fitness coach from 1986 after I have been graduated in Vingate Institute, also I am Master of education from July 2000 at the University of Derby.

I have a lot of achievements in the football like a fitness coach: I took a Championship with a FC "Maccabi Herzlyia" in the 2nd division in the season 1992/1993, after that I took a Championship with the FC "Beitar Jerusalem" in the first division in the season 1996/1997. In the season 1998/1999 I took a Israeli Football Cup with the FC "Hapoel Tel Aviv". With the FC "Maccabi Petach Tiqwa" we raised to the rang of groups in the UEFA Cup in the season 2005/2006. It was the biggest success because we were the first team from Israel who succeeded to achieve that result.

I am the fitness coach in the Israeli Football for 16 years and in that period of time my teams were playing 9 times in the qualification for the European competitions. I have one year experience like a fitness coach in the handball and in that one season 2007/2008 with the handball Club "Hapoel Rishon Le Ziyyon" I took a Israeli Championship.

I started to use Energy patches of "LIFEWAVE" company two years ago. My experience with the influence of this patches was at the beginning individual, it means that I only tried that with few sportsman, but later I was giving that to all the players in the Handball Club "Hapoel Rishon Le Ziyyon" and Football Club "Bnei Yehuda".

PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: I tested patches first on myself, it means that I have been recorded with the POLAR watch every of my training. First it was recording of running in the nature and on the treadmill with the patches and without. My subjective feeling when I was using patches was amazing, I felt less tired and I could run longer distance. When I put the results of my training, which have been recorded with the POLAR watch, on the computer I got that my heart beat was less for 4 units after running with the patches in comparison after running without them. It was training on the treadmill with the same speed, distance and time. I repeated that kind of training several times and all of them I have been recorded and compared.

GROUP EXPERIENCE: After my good personal experience I tested that patches on the players of Handball Club "Hapoel Rishon Le Ziyyon" in  the play off of season 2007/2008 when they took a Championship, and also on the players of the Football Club "Bnei Yehuda" during the league season 2008/2009 when we finished on the 5th place and in the qualification for the Europa League 2009/2010 where we passed successfully 3 rounds without getting even one goal. I continue to use patches now from the beginning of the football season 2009/2010 in FC "Bnei Yehuda"  and after 4 games, team is on the 2nd place.



My name is Phil Coke I currently Pitch for the New York Yankees. I have been using Lifewave products for several years.

On my journey through the minor leagues, Lifewave has been a big part of my success. I have used the Energy patches, the Glutathione patches, as well as the Icewave (pain patches).

Pitching really works your body hard and I have found the Pain patches have helped me with my recovery times. I’m ready to pitch much sooner than before I started using the patches.

Now that I’m in the Major leagues playing for the New York Yankees, I find the patches are an important part of my preparation for games. I find my energy levels are higher and my recovery is quicker with Lifewave.

I would recommend Lifewave products to anyone that is involved with sports.

Phil Coke
#48 New York Yankees

UPDATE! After winning a World Series Championship with the New York Yankees in 2009, Phil Coke was traded to the Detroit Tigers in the off season and will be their main left-hander out of the bullpen. There was some discussion about him being a starter but they had nobody to replace him in the bullpen.



Playing badminton competitively for over 15 years requires me to maintain my level of fitness throughout the years.

Since I got introduced to LifeWave by Roy Surjono, I have been using Energy Enhancer religiously. I can’t even go to practice or Tournaments without that patch. These patches really increase my stamina, my focus and my strength greatly. I use Energy Enhancer, Glutathione and Carnosine for helping me throughout my career as a Badminton Player.

There are so many close games that I normally would run out of energy before the patches, but now I am able to pull it off easily and win tournaments.
Thanks to the patches.

I am almost 34 years old and most badminton players are retiring at 25 years old. I am currently ranked #6 in the world and since the patch I am winning more tournaments even at my age. The average age of competitors in the top ten spots is about 22 years old. From this age separation alone we can see that the patches are really helping me.

Thank you so much to Roy Surjono for teaching me the triangle of upper and lower dan-tien super power, so that I am always fit and ready for every tournament. I never run out of energy anymore.

Success to you always,
Tony Gunawan

Click here for Tony's full biography and career details



My story with the LifeWave patches began in September 2004. I started to consistently wear the Energy Enhancer patches on a monthly basis when I returned to the University of Georgia in September 2004, for my academic sophomore year and my second year as a team member on women’s gymnastics team.

Upon returning to school in September, 2004, and as a regular part of our training and periodically throughout the season, the gymnasts have their body fat measured. My next scheduled test date was February, 2005.

Well, I was ecstatic to find out the results of my test, because my body fat measurement was 4% less than the previous September. Wow! I have been wearing the LifeWave Energy Enhancer Patches regularly ever since.

I was receiving Three (3) Facet Block Shots in my back for two years prior to my senior year and prior to using the LifeWave IceWave Patches.  At the beginning of my senior year I had one Facet Block Shot and because I starting using the IceWave Patches in combination with Chiropractic treatment, I didn’t receive anymore Facet Block shots.

Collegiate Gymnastics Career:

  • → Member of University of Georgia Women’s Gymnastics Team (2003-2007)
  • → 3-Time NCAA National Team Champions
  • → 3-Time NCAA South Eastern Conference Team Champions
  • → 5-Time NCAA Individual All-American
  • → All SEC Individual Floor Exercise / All-Around Selections

Elite Gymnastics Career:

  • → 5-year International Elite Gymnast
  • → USA National Team Member



My name is Tracey Arnold, and I am a 9 time Canadian National Arm Wrestling Champion and have placed 4th at the World Arm Wrestling Championships in 2000. This is my first year back competing after a break.

When I was 12, my family was in a horrible vehicle accident, and I suffer from chronic pain all day every day. The pain sometimes interferes with my training. I met Lance Heron at the Body Soul and Spirit Expo in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He introduced me to the Icewave patches. I have not had a pain free day for 18 years until this day! It was amazing! I felt great after this short treatment of about 1 minute. I felt like I could train and not worry about the pain.

This is an amazing product, that I would recommend to anyone who suffers from any type of pain. It is a great alternative to OTC anti inflammatories and pain relievers.



I started lifting for football when I was 15yrs old, I started with Strongman and found out about Powerlifting and Scottish Games as well. I won California's Strongest teen in Strongman competitions three times, took third place in the National Strongman championships when I was 19 and set American and World records for Strongman in the teen division. For Powerlifting I won the National Powerlifting championships twice in the teen division drug-free, I set state and National records in the teen division and still hold most of those records today. For Scottish Games I always came in the top 3 and also took overall champion in my class twice. At one point I was the youngest Scottish Gamer in North America.

In 2005 I was 6'1 320lbs and one of the best teen strength athletes in the United States when I was rear ended at a stop light by a bus and tore muscles in my neck and back. I lost 70lbs within 6 months and was out of lifting for almost 3yrs before I was cleared to start training.

I started lifting again in Nov 2007 and I'm now 23yrs old, 6'1 and 290lbs. Without any type of strength training for 3yrs I came back and did my first Powerlifting meet in Feb of 2008 where I finished 2nd in the 308lb weight class all ages division. On March 22 I set the new world record in the Junior (20-23yrs old) division 308lb weight class drug-free with a 550lb bench press. The following month I competed at the National Powerlifting Championships in Columbus, Ohio and took 1st place in the Junior Division 308lb weight class drug-free with a 821lb squat, 574lb bench press and a 611lb deadlift for a 2006lb total. I have set all the national records in the Junior weight class drug free division.

My first experience with LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches was in 2004. I met a horse trainer who used the patches on her horses and she shared with me the drastic improvements she observed in their performance. I asked if I could try the Energy Enhancer patches for my own lifting use. Prior to using the patches I could rep 315lbs eight times. After over a month of rest from the gym I applied the Energy Enhancer patches to my wrists and reped 315lbs fourteen times! At that moment I was sold on the effectiveness of the LifeWave Energy Enhancer patches. All of the reading, training, and supplements combined could not produce such an overwhelming increase in my lifting performance like the Energy Enhancing patches did!

Now that I am resuming my Powerlifting training, I can't wait to begin using the Energy Enhancing patches again and share my LifeWave experience with the strength lifting community!

Click here to see Treston doing an unbelievable squat (over 800 lbs) wearing his Lifewave t-shirt!

Click here for Treston's lifting background



"As the Israeli Champion of Surfing, I exercise on regular bases. I run, lift weights and do yoga. I was introduced to LifeWave patches through a friend of mine. I first tried the energy patches while weight lifting. While exercising I felt that I had more energy, and felt less tired, which is what I usually feel during my exercise. I believe that what caused the improvement was the LIFEWAVE energy patches. It had an amazing influence on my abilities during the exercise. I sincerely recommend people to try the patches because they really work!!!"

Aviv Vaknin achievements so far in summary:

  • → 1992-94: champion of the Israeli Surfing Championship Tour.
  • → 1995-97: second place in the Israeli Open Surfing Tour.
  • → 1998-2001, he stopped competing due to an injury. He fell off a cliff of 30 meters and was in near death condition.
  • → 2001-2003: second place in the Israeli Open Surfing Tour.
  • → 2004-2007: Champion of the Israeli Surfing Open Tour.

"My current ranking is first place in the Israeli Surfing Open Championship of 2007, which I just finished. I've competed since 1991 in many European competitions with my fellow Israeli surfers. Competed in the World Open Championship 5 times. Best result was 16 out of 250 competitors."

At a few local competitions he even beat the world’s big shot surfers such as Damon Nicoles (Australia), Sean Holmes (South Africa), Jordy smith (South Africa) and Paul Caning (South Africa). This only comes to show Aviv’s ability against the world’s best surfers.



Each time I hit the mitts my trainer would ask if I was wearing the LifeWave patches because I am hitting harder and seem to have more strength. I recommended the LifeWave patches to everyone I talked to, telling them how fantastic they make me feel but they all wonder if they can make me feel as if I have more energy then what can the patches do for them!

I wish I’d had LifeWave patches back in 1995 when I was a World Champion. Fighting at that level you need an extra push. I know they give me the extra push, power and strength I need so I can’t wait to use them in full time training, during sparring and also in the ring. I know they make me stronger so my opponent won’t know what hit him!

I want everyone to know that I’m endorsing the Lifewave patches because they work and I’m not a paid spokesperson for Lifewave. I’ve never endorsed anything that I don’t truly believe in and use!

Amateur Career
As an amateur, McCullough won a Silver medal for Ireland at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona, and a Gold medal at the 1990 Commonwealth Games in Auckland, representing Northern Ireland.

McCullough also won a Bronze medal at the World Cup before moving from Northern Ireland to Las Vegas to begin his professional career.

Professional Career
Within a year of moving to Las Vegas, he had won the North American Boxing Federation title. On July 30, 1995, less than 2½ years since turning professional, he won the WBC World Championship by beating the champion, Yasuei Yakushiji, in Nagoya, Japan.

McCullough successfully defended his title twice before vacating the belt and moving up in weight to challenge the champion at a higher weight class. McCullough unsuccessfully challenged champions Naseem Hamed, in 1998, and Erik Morales, in 1999. Breaking both of their KO streaks while taking them the distance, Morales stated that McCullough gave him one of the top three fights of his career.

In 2005, McCullough became a United States citizen. He is known for his dogged, relentless, attacking style and has never been knocked down in an amateur or professional bout. In November 2005, McCullough released his autobiography, Pocket Rocket: Don't Quit, in the UK and Ireland. He went on a publicity tour to promote the book, which reached #2 on the Best Sellers list.

In 2007, Wayne McCullough joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship organization as an official spokesperson. He plans to open a gym and begin training fighters.



Gal Fridman won the 2004 Olympic Mistral Windsurfing event in Athens, and with the victory became Israel’s first-ever Olympic gold medalist.

In 12 previous Olympiads, dating back to Israel’s 1952 entry into the international Games, Israeli athletes had earned only one silver and three bronze competition medals––one of them by Fridman in 1996. The victory-platform presentation of 28-year old Fridman’s gold medal marked the first time Hatikvah (the Israeli national anthem) was played at an Olympic awards ceremony.

Eight years earlier, Fridman took a bronze medal in the Mistral at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. Illness prior to the 2000 Olympiad kept him out of those Games.

In December 2002, the Israeli Windsurfer won the Mistral World Championship. Three months earlier, he was silver medalist at the European Championships.

Fridman’s key results leading up to his Olympic victory:

  • → 3rd - 2003 ISAF World (Mistral) Championship, September 2003 (grade W)
  • → 2nd - Athens Regatta, August 2003 (ungraded)
  • → 4th - Mistral European Championship, May 2003 (grade 1)
  • → 2nd - Semaine Olympique Francaise, May 2003 (grade 1)
  • → 1st - Mistral World Championship, December 2002 (grade W)
  • → 2nd - Mistral European Championship, September 2002 (grade 1)

In February, 2003, Fridman was listed No. 1 on the International Surfing Association Federation (ISAF) rankings. Just before the start of the 2004 Olympics, he was ranked seventh in the World.

Fridman was just seven years old when his father introduced windsurfing to the youngster who would become Israel’s first Olympic gold medalist.



Hello. My name is Obafemi Ayanbadejo. I have had the pleasure of actually being coached by Greg Smith and he introduced Lifewave to my brother Brendon and myself.

For those of you that are not familiar with me, I graduated from Santa Cuz High in 1992. I also attended Cabrillo College for three semesters and received a scholarship to San Diego State University, where I lettered in football. I also received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I have spent the last eleven years in the NFL, and have played for the Minnesota Vikings, Baltimore Ravens, Miami Dolphins, Arizona Cardinals and Chicago Bears. While playing in Baltimore for three years, I was a member of the 2000 Super Championship Team. I consider it my second greatest team achievement. My No. 1 team achievement was the SCCAL Basketball Championship Team I was member of in 1991!!!!

As some of you know, I failed an NFL drug test in January while a member of the Arizona Cardinals. This has all but kept me out of the League this year, however, I plan to make a strong comeback in 2008. I want you all to know I have never cheated the integrity of honest competition. I had taken a supplement for three weeks with a banned substance in it. This banned substance was deliberately put into the bottle by the supplement company. It was also deliberately unmentioned in the supplement’s ingredient list. I have a pending lawsuit against the ALRI supplementation company based out of Colorado. Prior to this incident, I had never failed a drug test at any level. Those are the facts. USA Today recently published information from an independent lab that found 25% of over 60 supplements tested had a banned substance in it. These substances were found to be anabolic steroids, which contained ephedrine as well.

Many high school athletes, as well as many adults, use supplements to assist in their training. Some of these people are being subjected to these drugs that can cause long term damage down the road. It is even safe to say that there are kids and adults in your community using steroids, HGH or other illegal substances. I would like to help everyone have an alternative to knowingly or unknowingly subjecting their bodies to something that will ultimately cause more harm than good. Ever since my failed drug test, I no longer use supplements, and only use David Schmidt’s LifeWave products. Rest and an organic diet also enhance the affects.



NFL All-Star Brendon Ayanbadejo was born in Chicago on September 6, 1976. Born to an Irish-American mother and a Nigerian father, Brendon and his family moved to Nigeria, where he lived for the first few years of his life. Coming back to Chicago at three years old, Brendon grew up in the North West side of Chicago in Lathrop Homes housing project. It was his experiences growing up in harsh conditions in Chicago that gave Brendon the drive to not only succeed in life, but also to give back to communities much like his own.

Having moved to Santa Cruz, California in 1986 after the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl, Brendon and his brother had already been influenced by Walter Payton, Mike Singletary and other Bear greats. Football was to be a life changing experience for the two young men. After dominating in high school but with no scholarship opportunities to attend a Division 1 football college, Brendon had the opportunity to attend Cabrillo Junior College, where he joined the football team. It is here that Brendon earned Junior College All-American honors and attracted the attention of Division I football programs. Graduating from Cabrillo with a 3.4 GPA in 1996, Brendon accepted a full ride scholarship to UCLA to play football. It was at UCLA where Brendon began his humanitarian endeavors, by co-founding Equal Opportunity Productions (EqOp), a free theater program for Los Angeles youth. It was also at UCLA where Brendon began to receive national recognition as a potential pro talent in football. He was named 1st Team All Pac-10, 3rd Team All-American.

However, it was during the 1999 NFL draft that gave Brendon his biggest challenge of his football career. Expected to be chosen in the first few rounds, Brendon waited and waited, until the draft had ended with his name never being called. As an undrafted free agent, Brendon joined several NFL teams and was cut from all of them. For the next few years, Brendon played football all throughout the world on various teams and in various leagues. Yet, during this time, his commitment to giving back was relentless. He continued to work with EqOp and also returned home to Chicago and volunteered with youth programs at Hamlin Park, the very same park that taught him the love of athletics. After much hard work and determination, Brendon joined the Miami Dolphins in 2003 and quickly became a strong presence on their special teams. He was traded to the Chicago Bears in 2005 and is delighted to be playing in front of his home town.

Upon his return home, he quickly began to work with different youth programs in the city of Chicago, trying to give back as much as he could. He annually hosts the opening night of the Chicago Hip-Hop Theater Festival, showcasing various local performers at the Museum of Contemporary Arts. He coaches football at Hamlin Park where he also does after school youth programs. In 2007, he co-founded with NBA superstar and fellow UCLA alum, Baron Davis, a new organization addressing the lack of African-Americans in higher education who are not athletes. The organization is called We Should Not Be the Only Ones. With this incredible off-the-field work, his on-the-field performance was just as impressive. Helping lead the Chicago Bears to the 2007 Super Bowl, Brendon led the team with 28 special team tackles tying his own team record set in 2005. His 2007 dream season ended with playing in the NFL Pro Bowl, being recognized as the best player at his position in the game. Brendon followed that with his second straight NFL Pro Bowl in 2008.

Brendon was introduced to Lifewave by Greg Smith in 2005 and has been using Lifewave products since and is a staunch endorser of the products!



With over 15 years of Professional Volleyball experience, we are happy to have Gayle endorse the Lifewave technology.

After being on the All-Conference team at Louisiana State University, Gayle played in the Italian Professional Volleyball League and the USA Professional Volleyball League. After playing 4 years of professional indoor volleyball, Gayle turned to the beach where she competed 11 years in the women's AVP. Gayle was ranked top 10 in the U.S. and made the Olympic Beach Doubles team as an alternate in 1996 Gayle won the 1994 WPVA Pismo Beach tournament as well as winning the Seaside Beach Open in 1999, 2001 and 2004.

Gayle's coaching resume is long and includes College experience at Pacific University (Asst. coach), De Anza College (Asst. coach) and Cabrillo College (Head coach). With City Beach Volleyball Club Gayle took her 18's team to a Silver Medal finish in the 18 Open Division and with Main Beach Volleyball Club, she took her 17's and 18's teams to Junior Nationals in 2004 and 2005. Gayle has also been a Head Coach at St. Mary's Academy and Presentation High School.

UPDATE! Coach Gayle Stammer is in her first season at the helm of the Lady Penguins volleyball program. She comes to Dominican from NCAA Division III Lewis and Clark College in Portland  where she was assistant volleyball coach and recruiting coordinator since 2008. The Pioneers won 14 of their last 21 games last season to finish in third place in the Northwest Conference.

Prior to Lewis and Clark, Stammer, a native of Livermore, was assistant head coach and recruiting coordinator at Pacific University in Forest Grove, Ore., head coach at St. Mary’s Academy, a Catholic all-girls college preparatory high school in Portland,  and head coach at Cabrillo College in Aptos from 2002-06. Stammer also was an assistant coach in 2001 at De Anza College in Cupertino.

Stammer  was a successful club coach as well. During her five-year stint with City Beach Volleyball Club in Santa Clara, she coached her team to the silver medal in the 18 Open Division in 2002. Stammer then helped start the Main Beach Volleyball Club in Aptos and, by 2004-05, she coached its 17s and 18s teams to the Junior Nationals. In 2007, Main Beach’s U-18 team won a Junior Nationals gold medal.

USC’s Jessica Gysin, Stanford’s Karissa Cook and Kat Brown of Cal are among current players that Stammer coached in club volleyball.

A junior college first team All-American player at St. Philips College in Texas, Stammer went on to play at NCAA Division I Louisiana State University where she received All Southeastern Conference honors in 1983 and helped lead the Tigers to the SEC tournament finals. She was a middle hitter and led the team in blocks her senior year.

After LSU, Stammer played in the Italian Professional Volleyball League for three years. She returned to the Bay Area in 1989 when she was a draft choice of the San Jose Golddiggers in the inaugural season of Major League Volleyball.

Stammer soon after shifted her focus to beach volleyball and competed for 13 seasons on the professional circuit including a brief stint with her sister, Wendy, on the Association of Volleyball Professionals (AVP) Tour. She was ranked among the top 10 players in the United States and, with playing partner Janice Opalinski-Harrer, made a strong run to the Final Four of the U.S. Olympic Beach Volleyball trials in Baltimore, Md. in 1996 before losing.  Stammer was an alternate for the 1996 Atlanta Olympiad.

All told, Stammer has more than 20 years of playing experience and about 15 years of coaching experience.



Mark Eichhorn had one of the most interesting career paths to the majors. Drafted 30th overall by the Blue Jays in the second round of the 1979 amateur entry draft, Eichhorn's pitching style was rather conventional. He pitched from a three-quarters deliver and possessed good velocity on his fastball, which at the time was his go-to pitch. However, after suffering a shoulder injury in 1982, he was forced to alter his deliver to compensate for the velocity he lost on his fastball. The May 5th, 1986 edition of The Sporting News explains how the transition took place:

Eichhorn altered his delivery. He went from three-quarters motion to throwing from down under. "Once I changed my delivery it was like I was resting my shoulder," he said. "It gave my arm a year of rest. Then, as it got stronger, I brought the angle of my delivery up to throwing side-arm."

Prior to his injury, he had the potential to be an everyday major league starter. In fact, in a game that pitted the two most recent expansion teams at the time, Eichhorn had a perfect game through 6 1/3 innings against the Seattle Mariners at the Kingdome. Manny Castillo, who would go on to hit only three home runs all season, hit a home run in the 7th inning to put an end to his bid for a perfect game...

However, after he altered his delivery, he became a completely different pitcher. Rather than relying on his fastball, he consistently threw one of the best change-ups in all of baseball. In fact, in the Neyer/James Guide to Pitchers, Eichhorn's change-up is listed as one of the very best of all time.

After achieving good results with his new delivery throughout the 1985 season, Eichhorn posted one of the best seasons ever by a relief pitcher when he burst onto the major league scene in 1986. In 69 GP, he posted a record of 14-6 with an ERA of 1.72 and a microscopic WHIP of 0.96. Moreover, his ERA+ was an otherworldly 246. Had he pitched five innings in addition to the 157 he had thrown that season, he would have qualified for the ERA title and would have easily taken the crown away from Roger Clemens, whose ERA of 2.46 that season was remarkably higher than Eichhorn's. Legend has it that Eichhorn kindly turned down the chance to throw those five extra innings; a very classy gesture indeed. However, had he not missed two weeks of the season due to a brief DL stint, he would have likely qualified, regardless. In 1987, he tied an AL record by appearing in 89 games that season.

After absolutely owning right-handed batters, Eichhorn became below league average within two seasons. As a result, the Blue Jays lost confidence in him and sold him to the Atlanta Braves in 1989, where his struggles would continue. That wouldn't last for long, however, as his career was salvaged with the California Angels. He once again owned right-handed batters -- though not to the same extent as he did in 1986 -- and he no longer had trouble holding runners.

In 1992, he was traded by the Angels to the Blue Jays in exchange for Greg Myers and Rob Ducey. In what turned out to be a good trade for the Blue Jays, Eichhorn helped win two championships in his second stint with the organization. And until his final season in 1996, he consistently posted above average totals.

In the end, the quality of Eichhorn's career is probably overlooked by most contemporary baseball fans. In a Baseball Prospectus article entitled "The Top Pitchers of the 1990s," Eichhorn is listed as the 6th best relief pitcher from 1990-1998.

Mark was introduced to Lifewave by Greg Smith and he and his family have enjoyed all the products. Mark has used the Y-Age patches and the Energy Patches on his son Kevin when he pitches. He uses Icewave as a cooling down procedure instead of ice. Mark coaches at Aptos High School where Kevin is a nationally ranked high school pitcher!

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