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LifeWave has received numerous patents over the years, which is a symbol of our commitment to product innovation. Most recently, we were issued two consecutive patents for our phototherapy patch technology in 2013 and in 2014. Two years later, we received another landmark patent for our award-winning Theta One and Theta Activate nutrition formulas.

US Patents:

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Lifewave X39™

Metabolic implications of the Lifewave X39™ Patch

Melinda H. Connor, D.D., Ph.D., AMP, FAM, Caitlin A. Connor, MAcOM, DAOM, Naran Gombosuren, Ph.D., Jens Eickhoff, Ph.D.

This study explores the metabolic implications and physiologic results of wearing the Lifewave X39 patch over the period of one week. Measures were taken at baseline, 24 hours and at 7 days of wearing the patch. A sample of convenience of 15 subjects made up of both men and women aged 40-65 were selected to participate in this study.

In this study urine and saliva samples were collected for measurement of metabolic data, and in addition questionnaires which were administered concurrently cover a range of previously reported experiences with the X39 patches. These include quality of sleep improvement, memory improvement, feelings of vitality, reduction of pain and inflammation, and an overall sense of well-being. This study provides a short term picture of the lived experience of participants who are wearing the Lifewave X39 patch.

The data results of improvement in blood pressure, 17 statistically significant amino acid changes over the 7 days, significant improvement in anti-inflammatory response, improvement in sleep levels, reduction in blood pressure, improvement in short term memory, improvement in reported feelings of vitality and consistency in reporting across the study suggest that further research with a larger sample size be done and confirm the previously reported anecdotal responses in the testing of earlier subjects. Since this study was done on an aging population it is also important to note that the patch appears to support the movement back toward fitness of the gut system and improved adaptability to change. The human body must live on the edge of chaos so that it can adapt and respond to change moment to moment in order to survive. One of the first areas of the body that shows a lack of adequate responsiveness to change as we age is the gut. While this is only a one week period, the oscillatory effect shown in the data over the three samples taken during that period on each subject, show improved response promoting fitness and adaptability to change. If one can change in response to the environment, one can survive longer. Combined with the anti-inflammatory response shown in this data, there is a potential for impact on longevity. Further longitudinal studies need to be undertaken to determine if these effects are maintained or improved over time.

The Lifewave X39 patch shows clear, significant metabolic, blood pressure, memory improvement, sleep and other changes over the course of one week which should be explored over longer periods of time in future studies so that a better understanding of the comprehensive nature and effects of the phototherapy produced by this patch may be demonstrated.

Please see the full report for the detailed analysis of this study.

Experimental Study of Lifewave X-39™ patches Summary and report


SUB-INVESTIGATORS: Dr. Rachanna Ghatol Shetty


RESEARCH ASSISTANTS: Mr. Mohan Kumar, Mr. Shashi Reddy

Lifewave® has developed a new patch called X-39 which is proposed to be a phototherapy product that stimulates the skin with specific wavelengths of light for the purpose of elevating the peptide GHK-Cu. The peptide GHK-Cu may effectively stimulate the natural healing process in the body. Lifewave® has developed X-39 patch with numerous intended benefits like improvement in overall energy, rapid relief from pain and improvement in overall functional vitality of the body. A pilot study was conducted with forty experimental and five control voluntary subjects who were studied before and after wearing the Lifewave® X-39 patch for a period of six weeks, using cutting edge non-invasive screening technologies like Biofield imaging, Electro photonic imaging and Electro-interstitial screening. This set of devices allowed us to extract a broad spectrum of data ranging from physical, energetic and emotional aspects of the body non-invasively and efficiently. Overall there were significant positive changes in all three assessment techniques. In addition, there were correlating patterns across the scanning technologies, which provided concurrent validity for the efficacy of the patches. Further research is required with a larger population and a double blinded placebo control group.

Please see the full report for the detailed analysis of this study.

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